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6:30am - Start of School

End of School - 6:30pm

6:30am - Start of School

End of School - 6:00pm

*Eiland, Epps Island, Greenwood Forrest, Kaiser, McDougle and Nitsch*


Registration: $40.00/family (non-refundable)
Child: $65.00/week after school
Sibling: $60.00/week after school
Short Weeks (inservice and holidays) prorated to $13.00 per day
per child
Mornings Only: $35.00/week

Sibling:$30.00/ week
Mornings and After School: $90.00/$85.00 sibling/weekly (inservice or holiday short

weeks prorated to $18.00 per day per child).

Oct 10-14th and February 13-17: $200 per week

2021 - 2022 (Pre-K - 5th grade) Cost is different at Eiland, Epps Island, Greenwood Forest, Kaiser, Klenk, McDougle andNitsch . Call 281-468-8013 for pricing.

Free or reduced lunch - Discounted prices 

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